Learned when young is done when old

Tree nursery van Strijdhoven was founded in 1996 by Wim van Strijdhoven. He was 21 when he started as a self-employed person.

Wim got his interest in planting and trading at a young age. As a 15-year-old, he went to the Den-Bosch cattle market to sell sheep. This happened at 4.30 pm before school! The commercial spirit was therefore early on. In addition, Wim had a part-time job at a conifer grower where he learned everything about plants. A good basis for your own nursery!

Wim started in 1996 with a few thousand boxwood cuttings and now has a 40-hectare open-ground nursery of hedge plants and a 1.2-hectare greenhouse.

What we do

Tree nursery van Strijdhoven from Udenhout specializes in open ground cultivation of conifers and evergreen shrubs. These are produced for hedge fencing and / or form pruning.

By using heavy sandy soil to work in a future-oriented way through GPS machines and a dose of expertise, we are able to deliver beautiful, healthy, price-competitive hedge plants throughout Europe and all just in time.